NEW CLIENT FOOT ZONE: Start your health journey with this session to release, realign and restore your body and mind. $80 (75 minutes)

FOOT ZONE SESSION: Release, realign and restore your body and mind. $75 (1 HOUR)

HEALTHY AND HAPPY ME! MONTHLY SPECIAL: For those wanting to reduce stress, add balance or address chronic issues and health concerns on a consistent basis.  This is 2 full 60 minute foot zones IN THE SAME CALENDAR MONTH. $75 for the first session and $55 for the second. ($65 for any other sessions that month). This is your best savings–Save $10 a session

IONIC DETOXIFYING FOOT BATH: Enjoy a warm, mineral foot bath.  $60 (45 MINUTES) This includes an essential oil scan (*not for pregnant or nursing women)

FOOT ZONE/FOOT BATH COMBO PACKAGE: This service includes 1 full foot zone (1 hour) followed by a 45 minute Ionic Detox Foot Bath and Essential oil scan.  $130—Save $10

FAMILY FOOTZONE PACKAGE: Includes 5 full Foot zones that can be used for one person, or up to five different people.  Save 5$ a/session.  Sessions expire 6 months from the date of purchase. Each foot zone is 1 hour. $350

FOOT ZONE TUNEUP: Focusing on stress release and specific issues and problem areas found during a full foot zone session. (This session is only allowed when a client has had a full foot zone session within the last 10 days.) $35 (30minutes)

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