What is foot zone therapy?

To put it simply, FOOT ZONE THERAPY IS A WHOLE BODY TREATMENT THROUGH ACUPRESSURE POINTS ON THE FOOT.  This holistic approach to healing ensures all your systems, tissues, and organs work together as a unit and stimulates your body’s ability to heal itself.  

With the aid of foot mapping and knowledge of your body’s anatomy and physiology, a foot zone delivers precise application of hundreds of pressure points or “signals” on our feet. IT ACTIVATES OUR INNATE AND PERFECT BLUEPRNT AND SENDS HEALING MESSAGES THROUGHOUT OUR ENTIRE BODY, DOWN TO THE CELLULAR LEVEL.  This therapy increases the communication among your body and cells and magnifies the immune response in your body.

THE CONSISTENT PRACTICE OF THERAPEUTIC FOOT ZONING IS POWERFUL. It is simple, effective and non-invasive.  It is an incredible tool to bring harmony, balance and healing to emotional, mental, spiritual and physical energies and helps to restore you to optimum health.

Why self care?

OFTEN PEOPLE MIGHT THINK THAT SELF CARE IS SELFISH, BUT REALLY, IT IS THE OPPOSITE.  Just like a garden requires weeding, watering and pruning to look and grow at its optimum, our bodies desire some simple attention and rejuvenation to be our best. When you feel good, you do good, and when you do good, you bless your life and those around you.  You give and receive joy easier.  Regular body care is a wonderful gift you can give yourself and those around you so you can be the best you can be.  We have all experienced wellness, and we have all experienced illness.  Which one will you choose today?

What are the benefits of foot zone therapy?

  1. One of the biggest benefits of foot zoning is that it ALLOWS YOU TO RELAX.  With the busyness and activity of our world today, life can be stressful, which takes it’s toll on the body.  Foot zone therapy allows you to take a break from the fight or flight response, let you rest, and aid your body in repair and recovery.
  2. Foot Zone therapy IMPROVES YOUR WELL BEING AND ENHANCES THE BODY’S ABILITY TO HEAL. It aligns your systems, increasing their potential to combat a variety of diseases, improving your immunity. The reason why foot zoning is effective is that it awakens the true power of your body’s natural healing powers, allowing you to live a healthy life.
  3. IT IMPROVES SLEEP.  Our body does most of its healing and repairing when we are asleep. If we have trouble falling or staying asleep, that interferes with our ability to heal.  Aligning our systems and aiding our body will improve our quality of sleep, thus resulting in a positive impact on your overall health.
  4. Foot Zone therapy may PROVIDE A SIGNIFICANT INCREASE IN ENERGY.  As a result, you will be able to live the life you always dreamed of. It will help you stay motivated while giving you the strength to accomplish all your goals.

How is Foot Zoning different from Reflexology?

Although based on similar principles, FOOT ZONE THERAPY AND REFLEXOLOGY VARY GREATLY. Foot zone therapy is a whole body treatment that sends specific signals to the complete and entire anatomy as mapped on the feet. Reflexology relies on specific pressure points and is more similar to a massage for your feet. Typically, reflexology provides immediate, but temporary relief of a symptom. Foot Zone Therapy may take longer to provide relief as it is focusing on the underlying signal problems instead of the surface pains. Therefore, with consistent application, THE EFFECTS OF FOOT ZONE THERAPY ARE MORE LONG-TERM AND CAN PROVIDE NUMEROUS BENEFITS. For a more in-depth explanation, check out this blog post from my colleague:


How often should I have a foot zone treatment?

Each person responds differently and will be starting on their own specific health journey. A foot zone session everyday would be amazing, but probably not practical! Depending on the issues that are being worked on the benefits from the zone generally last 10-14 days, which can increase overtime with regular, consistent foot zone treatments. IF YOU ARE WORKING ON SOMETHING SPECIFIC, SEVERAL FOOT ZONE SESSIONS CLOSER TOGETHER (WEEKLY OR EVERY OTHER WEEK) IS A GREAT WAY TO BUILD A STRONG FOUNDATION. A monthly foot zone session is a great way to keep the daily stresses of life from building up. Most importantly remember that you are the expert for your body! LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND TRUST YOURSELF. You will know when it’s time for another session.

What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF therapy involves using a device (in my case a mat you lie one while I am doing your foot zone) that delivers a series of pulsating magnetic frequencies into the body. We know that the voltage of a healthy cell is about 70-110 millivolts and when we get sick or injured the voltage drops below 50 millivolts or less and cancer cells are 30 millivolts or less. PEMF FREQUENCIES CREATE A PENETRATING ENERGY THAT RE-ENERGIZES DAMAGED CELLS BY INDUCING ELECTRICAL CHARGES WITHIN THE CELL THAT RESTORE IT TO ITS NORMAL HEALTHY STATE. It’s like a battery recharger for the human cell. Because of this, cellular metabolism is boosted, blood cells are regenerated, circulation is improved and oxygen carrying capacity is increased. PEMF THERAPY MARRIES PERFECTLY WITH FOOT ZONING BECAUSE THEY BOTH IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE BY ALLOWING YOUR BODY TO FUNCTION AS IT WAS DESIGNED TO.


  • It is great for wound healing, pain and tissue swelling.  PEMF therapy treats the cellular source of swelling by recharging the cells with a mild electromagnetic current. This stops the release of pain and inflammatory mediators, reduces inflammatory fluids and allows an increase in blood flow to help the cells heal faster by reducing swelling, pain, and inflammation.
  • It reduces the effects of stress on the body and platelet adhesion.
  • It improves energy, circulation, blood and tissue oxygenation and sleep quality.
  • It increases the uptake of nutrients, cellular detoxification and the ability to regenerate cells.
  • It balances the immune system and stimulates RNA and DNA.
  • It accelerates the repair of bone and tissue.
  • It relaxes muscles.
  • It stimulates the acupuncture points and meridians for more complete healing.

What is an ionic foot bath?

Simply put, this is A MINERAL WATER BATH FOR YOUR FEET WHICH ASSISTS YOUR BODY IN RELEASING TOXINS. The water will change color due to ionization and oxidation and it is also influenced by water quality, oils on your skin, and your overall health and the systems your body is detoxifying. It is a safe and beneficial detoxification process. A foot bath is not a daily recommendation.  At the most, it is recommended that you detox yourself every 48 to 72 hours, which will allow your body a chance to recover from your session. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

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