Jennifer Christensen

“A journey begins with a single step”

Jennifer grew up in Colorado, completed a degree in Health and Wellness at BYU, and has lived almost 25 years in Oregon with her husband and 4 children.  While teaching water aerobics at the YMCA, her first 2 children were always in the childcare, which meant they were exposed to all sorts of germs and viruses.  Her oldest son had constant ear infections and food allergies and then child #3 came along with colic, picky eating and anxiety. Life was a challenge! Jennifer was struggling to keep her kids physically well, and herself emotionally and mentally well.  After talking with conventional medical doctors, she was sure the doctors were going to put her on medication—or worse, put her kids on constant medication.  So she decided to research, study, and increase her knowledge of natural healing and alternative modalities. 

Jennifer has taken the Family Herbalist course from Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing, certified in Touch for Your Health 1 and 2, studied as a life coach and mentor and certified in Aromatouch Therapy with doTERRA essential oils.  Now, as a Professional Foot Zone Practitioner, she is thrilled to be able to help people with foot zone therapy as well. 

Jennifer is happy to report, that while her family is far from perfect, she has managed to stay sane (thanks to all these modalities) and keep everyone off pharmaceuticals!  Jennifer looks forward to helping people feel empowered and healthy and in becoming the best and happiest they can be! She lives by the motto: “A journey begins with a single step!”

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